Conclusions Liquid Democracy Meetup: starting a definition

On November 29th and 30th over 50 people from all over the world meet in Brussels on the invitation of MEP Julia Reda. The overall topic was Liquid Democracy (LD). Developers, scientists, politicians, project managers and many others created a diverse crowd.

Main things I learned during these two days:

  1. We are still at the very, very beginning. It is even hard to agree on a common definition.
  2. LD needs to be disconnected from the Pirate (Party). Their self-destruction based on stupidity affects a negative image of LD.

(1) projects

There are amazing LD projects I have never heard about before. Projects worth looking at are:

(2) defintion

One of the most interesting session was the one about a common definition. Bringing together such broad and diverse participants allowed a deep discussion on features and attributes on LD. The conclusion was that it needs further steps and an overview on the differences as well as different fields. In the sessions itself a majority agreed on the following features.

core features

  • equal rights in submitting, delegating and voting
  • optional, (anytime) revocable or changeable delegation of vote
  • continuous election
  • continuous decision-making

additionally or recommended features

  • usually electronic/online implementation
  • preferential voting
  • autonomous (self-managed, self moderated)

As one of the next steps, we will collect and work more on the definition part. Providing different versions for scientific, political, administration and maybe even wikipedia. This meeting was an important step to bring LD forward. Many thanks to Julia for making this possible!

More information and documentation in the pad.