Unpublished lecture

  • Im Dialog mit Bots. 16.01.2018 at FH St. Pölten, Austria.
  • roBOT HUNTING. 05.08.2017 at Food for your senses Festival in Luxembourg City, Luxembourg.
  • Visualising international policy processes: UN negotiations to prohibit nuclear weapons. 17.07.2017 at Digital-born Media Carnival in Kotor, Montenegro.
  • Liquid Democracy. Warum es nicht funktioniert und niemals funktionieren wird?! 29.11.2013 at Gov2.0 Barcamp 2013 in Vienna, Austria.
  • (together with Simon Wolfer) Liquid Democracy – zwischen Theorie und Praxis. 15.09.2013 am Daten. Netz. Politik. 2013 in Vienna, Austria.
  • Social media & privacy. 03.07.2013 at Council of Europe workshop “Youth participation and social media“ in Hammamet, Tunisia.
  • Liquid Democracy. Bürger zwischen Mitentscheiden und Mitverwaltung. 23.11.2012 at Gov2.0 Barcamp 2012 in Vienna, Austria.

Discussion contributions

  • Cyber security governance: Closer looks at security policy in the European Union. 16.07.2017 at Digital-born Media Carnival in Kotor, Montenegro.
  • Briefing on the HUMANITARIAN INITIATIVE in Nuclear Disarmament: The Vienna Conference and beyond. 01.12.2014 at the European Parliament, Brussels, Belgium.
  • Aktivismus vs. Journalismus. 21.09.2014 at Daten. Netz. Politik. 2014 in Vienna, Austria.
  • The Surveillance Society and what to do about it! 03.07.2014 in Europe House, Köszeg (Hungary). With Jackson Barlow, Heriberto Cabezas, Christian Eichenmüller, Justas Patkauskas, James M. Skelly
  • EuroDIG Stockholm 2012

Book or article review

Working/discussion paper

Chapter in edited volume

Journal article

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