My cause: securing human rights in the digital world.

Digitalisation is changing our lives greater than anything else since the industrial revolution 200 years ago. The amount of data collected by companies, states and others are worrying and full of chances at the same time. It is up to us to use it and create societies which allow social justice and political participation for everybody.

keywords: security, data politics, open government

The past years, I spoke on the invitation by PNND & IPU in the Austrian Parliament; addressed Dilma Rousseff that we are all victims of Surveillance at NETmundial; organised Crypoparties in several European cities; demonstrated together with others in front of the Icelandic parliament against neoliberal budget cuts by the government; convinced an Austrian bank to stay out of investments in producers of weapons of mass destruction; debated in the European Parliament about cyber security and smart cities; drafted as a member of the European Green Party working group “Digital Rights” a policy paper on digital rights and digital commons; demanded in a European Commission working group a modern copyright law supporting youth creativity; presented points and positions of young people on copyright and censorship at the EuroDIG12 in Stockholm and worked with young journalists and activists in Eastern Europe on fighting repression and surveillance.